Why sail with us

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It’s simple: choose between the best boats and have the best prices

Kukumar is offering you the choice of the best boats with the best prices available. The booking process is simple and fast and the payment is easy and safe.

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It’s professional and friendly: get advice from us about boats and routes

Kukumar will make sure you are getting advice from our finest professional skippers about both boats and routes, which have been planned in details by professional sailors.

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It’s personal: have a unique service during your sailing experience

Enjoy in a personalized and honest Kukumar customer service during your sailing experience and get info on all the details about your boat and route, including tips on restaurants, sightseeing, weather conditions and other.

Book a boat to access super special treats

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Access your Kukulog dashboard with booking summary, payments info, useful documents, route planner and nearby tips.
Explore all the routes in detail, choose your favourite one and plan the sailing to remember.
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Get real time information on what’s happening nearby while you’re sailing: from interesting spots and photo opportunities to events and weather.

Book a boat and check out all our routes!


Open seas

  • Undisclosed South
  • Starts in Dubrovnik 168 miles long

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