Winds of Central Dalmatia

7 days, starting point Split
Do you like to do a lot in your time? Carpe diem? There's a cocktail bar of that name in the town of Hvar, on this route! The central Dalmatian islands, even though at close distances, spark with diversity, and you will cherish their distinct identities. Caves, coves, beaches, pinewoods, wines and people, this is an easy going adventure taking you from meditation to adrenaline. 
5 islands
Sleep in
5 ports
Check out
17 waypoints
Sail across
179 miles

Day 1

  • 25 miles
  • 1 ports
  • 1 waypoints
Tiny aci palmi ana
Untie your ropes and set sail from Split, the heart of Dalmatia! Go straight to Hvar, Croatia's sunniest island. Its town of Hvar is nicknamed the 'St. Tropez of the Adriatic' for its lively social life and vibrant nightlife. Spot royalty and celebrities, have a cocktail, dance the night away, but sleep tight in ACI Palmižana.

Waypoints: Aci Palmižana (island Hvar)

Day 2

  • 32 miles
  • 1 ports
  • 2 waypoints
Middle kor ula
Hvar is known for its wines, so choose between admiring steep vineyards from the boat or venturing on shore to tour a few wineries. Discover Šćedro Island nearby before sailing to Pelješac peninsula. In the action packed channel it forms with Korčula island, watch out for windsurfers and other sailors, as the winds make this place quite popular with wind enthusiasts.

Waypoints: Aci Palmižana ( island Hvar)Korčula (island Korčula)

Day 3

  • 24 miles
  • 0 ports
  • 2 waypoints
Tiny skrivena luka
Archipelagos seem to be never-ending around here. The islets around Korčula are mostly uninhabited, but still not inactive – with monasteries or quarries. Then, head out to the main island Lastovo of Lastovo archipelago, surrounded with 46 islets and with 46 churches, 46 hills, 46 cultivated fields. Hide away in the cove of Skrivena luka (Hidden harbor), and spend a peaceful night sheltered from all winds.

Waypoints: Korčula ( island Korčula)Bay of Skrivena luka (island Lastovo)

Day 4

  • 17 miles
  • 0 ports
  • 2 waypoints
Middle su ac
Discover an island in the open Adriatic, unknown even to many local sea enthusiasts. Sušac sits in the open seas, and hosts a lighthouse. Hike up its rugged, barren terrain up to the light house. If you are lucky, perhaps Goran, the island’s only inhabitant, will be home and you get to try Adriatic sailor’s top secret -- lamb specialty.

Waypoints: Bay of Skrivena luka ( island Lastovo)cove of Portić (island Sušac)

Day 5

  • 32 miles
  • 1 ports
  • 3 waypoints
Tiny komi a
Perhaps you've heard of the Blue Cave on the island of Biševo, where the outside light reflects against the seabed, colouring the whole cave in a blue light and objects in it in silver. Alternatively, Medvidina špilja is far less visited, and its seventy meters long channel is a dramatic introduction to a small pebble beach which was, just until recently, inhabited by the Adriatic monk seal. Komiža, a historic fishing village, awaits you for the night.

Waypoints: cove Portić ( island Sušac) Blue Cave (island Biševo)Komiža (island Vis)

Day 6

  • 18 miles
  • 1 ports
  • 5 waypoints
Middle kut
Choose your cove or your cave around here, from the heavenly Stiniva to the turquoise lagoon of Budikovac. Vis, a harbor settlement, feels very home-like to sailing lovers. Its signature event, the Viška regatta, takes place in October and simply makes it a favourite island in Croatia and the region.

Waypoints: Komiža ( island Vis)Stiniva Bay (island Vis)Green Cave (island Vis)Budikovac lagoon (island Vis)Vis (island Vis)

Day 7

  • 31 miles
  • 1 ports
  • 2 waypoints
Tiny split Tiny bijelo. 9
It's a long sail your last day. Choose between sailing or saving time using a motor to take one last dip at Stračinska bay, located along the unexplored southern shores of Šolta. Move forward with one last mistral and sail into the 'most beautiful town in the world', as locals lovingly refer to their city of Split.

Waypoints: Vis ( island Vis)Split