Off the beaten path around Šibenik

7 days, starting point Šibenik
This is the kind of adventure where you must really stock up on goodies before departure, because not many luxuries will be available along the way. This is the kind of adventure where you need to bring real money, as many people around here trust in God - but others pay cash J This is the kind of adventure where much of the stuff which makes up the everyday will be unavailable, making room for immersing in intact nature, peaceful wilderness and divine relaxation. Open you sails and encounter Kornati, Telaščica and other jewels sparking up the coast of Šibenik!
6 islands
Sleep in
2 ports
Check out
17 waypoints
Sail across
128 miles

Day 1

  • 12 miles
  • 0 ports
  • 2 waypoints
Tiny vela stupica
Leave the first town officially established by Croats – Šibenik, to sail out as far as possible, embarking on this adventure high on nature and low on civilization. Your goal, the island Žirje, was a Yugoslav National Army military base for quite some time. This kept it away from ...

Waypoints: Šibenik bay of Vela Stupica (island Žirje)

Day 2

  • 27 miles
  • 1 ports
  • 2 waypoints
Middle vrulje
Experience a true Adriatic jewel today – the mesmerizing Kornati archipelago. A larger part of these 140 islands is a Croatian National Park, bound to hypnotize you with its moonscape-like sceneries. The crown of Veliki Rašp which appears like a head rising from the sea, the impre...

Waypoints: bay of Vela Stupica ( island Žirje)bay of Vrulje (island Kornat)