Jewels of Central Dalmatia

7 days, starting point Split
Explore the beautiful Central Dalmatian islands, impressively unique given the close distances between them. In peak season, expect busy sailing and a number of other boats around, anchored or tied to yours. The lively summer spirit is definitely present on the Adriatic Sea, and brings a plethora of on-shore experiences to be enjoyed. On average, you will sail around 20-25 nm per day, which makes this journey ideal for families with kids and sailing enthusiasts who enjoy sounds of waves and winds undisturbed by a working motor.
5 islands
Sleep in
6 ports
Check out
17 waypoints
Sail across
155 miles

Day 1

  • 13 miles
  • 1 ports
  • 2 waypoints
Tiny maslinica   olta  modi
Leave Split, the largest city on the Croatian coast, at the stern. Powered by refreshing afternoon mistral, head to Šolta, an island in the front row to Split, known for its many scenic bays, aromatic rosemary fields and lively traditions of olive oil, wine and honey making. S...

Waypoints: SplitMaslinica (island Šolta)

Day 2

  • 22 miles
  • 1 ports
  • 2 waypoints
Middle vis alt
Sail along the terra incognita of Šolta’s southern shores, where ancient sailors headed East used to procure fish in an unusual way. They would collect fish directly from nets and weirs, and leave small bags with money inside before returning them to water. Disc...

Waypoints: Maslinica ( island Šolta)Vis (island Vis)