Croatian South: An Art of Leisure

7 days, starting point Dubrovnik
Sailing the Adriatic around Dubrovnik, the southernmost town on the Croatian coast and UNESCO listed heritage, reminds of a slalom through heavenly archipelagos like the Elaphites, Korčula and Lastovo. These bundles of islands will mesmerize even without stepping foot on land, and will immediately suck you into a very relaxed state of mind. This is the land of stunning beauty, lush greens, impressive walled cities, lively village traditions, Renaissance summer estates and a lust for leisure. Immerse in the vivid blues, greens and rocks of the far Croatian south whilst sipping on famous, sun-stricken wines of Korčula and Pelješac, just like the Argonauts, or the Game of Thrones crew, once did.   
6 islands
Sleep in
2 ports
Check out
16 waypoints
Sail across
146 miles

Day 1

  • 18 miles
  • 0 ports
  • 2 waypoints
Tiny pod koj
As Dubrovnik's ACI Marina remains at your stern, take one last look at the rugged slopes of Rijeka Dubrovačka bay, intercepted by the world's shortest river Ombla. Elaphite archipelago is ahead, colors are vivid, skies clear – and this is the beginning of a beautiful journey! As you sail to the greenest Croatian island Mljet, stop for a dip in the sandy cove of Šunj on Lopud, the only one of such kind in the area.

Waypoints: Dubrovnik bay of Podškolj (island Mljet)

Day 2

  • 19 miles
  • 0 ports
  • 2 waypoints
Middle mljet zalazak
Salute the sun with a morning dip and embark on Mljet shores discovery sail. Choose between the sandy Saplunara beach and the pristine Limuni (Lemons) cove, sailing to Blace or swimming in the Odysseus Cave, where the famous Greek explorer allegedly stayed after surviving a crash on the nearby rocks. Reaching Soline bay in the late afternoon means you get to visit Mljet Lakes at sunset - at their prettiest.

Waypoints: bay of Podškolj ( island Mljet)bay of Blace (island Mljet)

Day 3

  • 17 miles
  • 0 ports
  • 2 waypoints
Tiny mr ara modi
The hypnotic archipelago of Lastovo has an obvious thing for the number 46: 46 islands, 46 churches, 46 hills and as many cultured fields on its main island Lastovo. This Park of Nature promises a soul-charging sail, while the settlement Lastovo guarantees an interesting encounter with medieval architecture. This is one of those places where traditional living is still very much the case, putting you amidst a remarkable sample of living history.

Waypoints: bay of Blace ( island Mljet)islet Mrčara (island Lastovo)

Day 4

  • 23 miles
  • 1 ports
  • 2 waypoints
Middle lumbarda modi
As the morning wind powers you through Lastovo Channel, keep your eyes open for playful dolphins. You are headed to Korčula, the island of black forests, olive groves and vineyards, known for its Venetian history and stone splendor. Feel very private in the Robinsonesque cove of Orlanduša, play beach volleyball in Pržina, venture out to wander around Korčula Old Town, and at night, enjoy a glass of wine in the quietude of Lumbarda cove.

Waypoints: islet Mrčara ( island Lastovo)Lumbarda (island Korčula)

Day 5

  • 23 miles
  • 0 ports
  • 3 waypoints
Tiny uvala tatinice
The archipelago of Korčula is incredibly picturesque, fronting the Pelješac peninsula sharp karst slopes. Its secret coves like Stupe, stone quarry islands like Vrnik, and tasty sea urchins which you can catch yourself, make for an unforgettable morning adventure. As you head back to Mljet, see what remained unvisited last time – the bay of Polače with traces of a Roman Villa, the meditative cove of Tatince and Mljet National Park.

Waypoints: Lumbarda ( island Korčula)Bay of Polače (island Mljet)bay of Tatinice (island Mljet)

Day 6

  • 22 miles
  • 0 ports
  • 3 waypoints
Middle sipan modi
Green shores of Mljet and coves like Prožura mesmerize as you sail along, heading to Šipan, the largest of the Elaphite islands. Luka Šipanska, the largest Šipan harbor, serves a real gastronomic treat, family-owned konoba Kod Marka. Cycling lovers will adore the island's large, central field, taking you over to the settlement of Suđurađ, hosting an impressive Renaissance summer estate and a charming stone village.

Waypoints: bay of Tatinice ( island Mljet)Šipanska luka (island Šipan)passage Harpoti (island Jakljan)

Day 7

  • 24 miles
  • 1 ports
  • 2 waypoints
Tiny dubrovnik
At the stern of your journey, choose to relax in turquoise waters between Šipan and Mišnjak islands, before sailing along the outer shores of Lopud and Koločep towards panoramic feast below Dubrovnik's City Walls. Alternatively, sail up Ston Channel to walk one of the longest city walls in the world in Ston! As you say farewell on the dramatic backdrop of Dubrovnik's ACI Marina, rest assured - you will be coming back!

Waypoints: passage Harpoti ( island Jakljan)Dubrovnik