Confessions of the Istrian Adriatic

7 days, starting point Veruda
Sailing along this route, you will spend several cherished nights on anchor or buoy, but still get to discover the highlights of the Istrian Adriatic, such as the sandy island of Susak, turquoise Premuda island lagoon, the Croatian glamour at Silba, the fortified town of Osor and the beauty of Premantura Park of Nature and Brijuni National Park.  As you sail on a backdrop of proud Velebit mountains, keep your instincts sharp, as along its mesmerizing beauty, this region serves a bit of adrenaline. Bon voyage! 
5 islands
Sleep in
5 ports
Check out
14 waypoints
Sail across
152 miles

Day 1

  • 29 miles
  • 0 ports
  • 2 waypoints
Tiny susak
Leave the largest Istrian marina early for a long and exciting day of sailing. First thing's first, enjoy some snorkeling in the Piškera passage, popular for its lively underwater world. As you sail to the mythical Susak Island, leave behind the cape of Kamenjak, the imposing lighthouse Porer and the shallows of Albanež, hypnotizing the open blue until the sand dunes of Susak, shaded with canes, appear on your horizon.

Waypoints: Harbour Veruda ( Istria)cove Bok (island Susak)

Day 2

  • 16 miles
  • 1 ports
  • 2 waypoints
Middle premuda
A nice walk from Gornje Selo to the island's lively center Donje Selo will best illustrate the unique personality of Susak. But as the heat rises, set sail to the island Premuda and its cove Krijal. Don't miss the familial atmosphere of the konoba Grmalj, known for their fish specialties under peka, a traditional way of preparing food under an iron bell.

Waypoints: cove Bok ( island Susak)Harbour Krijal (island Premuda)

Day 3

  • 21 miles
  • 1 ports
  • 2 waypoints
Tiny ilovik
Today is the day to discover a car-free island which had recently become the to-go place for the Croatian jet-set and many art-minded people, leading to interesting events happening here throughout the summer. Despite, the island of Silba, this small oasis of pristine beaches and only one settlement – Silba, retains an air of mystique and a captive charm. Enjoy your night in Ilovik, featured on many Croatian brochures.

Waypoints: Harbour Krijal ( island Premuda)Harbour Ilovik (passage between Ilovik and Sv. Petar)

Day 4

  • 19 miles
  • 1 ports
  • 2 waypoints
Middle osor
You should enjoy a wonderful morning, with breakfast pastries delivered to your boat from the nearby bakery – a special treat. Sail along the southern shores of Cres, enjoying its pristine, pine-wood embraced coves. Lovers of skinny dipping can visit Jadrišnica cove, home of a nudist camp, but if you prefer uninhabited havens, try Baldarin. Complete your day with the dramatic scenery en route to the town of Osor.

Waypoints: Harbour Ilovik ( passage between Ilovik and Sv. Petar)Osor (island Cres)

Day 5

  • 21 miles
  • 1 ports
  • 2 waypoints
Tiny cres
As you sail north along the shores of Cres, be on the lookout for griffon vultures, the remarkable creatures of the skies. Discover the Blue Cave and then the cove of Sv. Ivan, just beneath an impressive medieval fort high up on the cliffs. Choose between the picturesque fishing village of Valun and the largest town Cres for overnight.

Waypoints: Osor ( island Cres)Cres (island Cres)

Day 6

  • 24 miles
  • 0 ports
  • 2 waypoints
Middle premantura
Relax in the morning, wandering around the streets of Cres and getting everything you need for a night away from civilization. Sail to the southernmost point of Istria, cape Kamenjak to spend the night in the uninhabited Portić cove. A part of Premantura Park of Nature, Portić is the place to simply relax and immerse in chirping of crickets, starry skies and sounds of waves lulling you to sleep.

Waypoints: Cres ( island Cres)cove Portić (Istria)

Day 7

  • 22 miles
  • 1 ports
  • 2 waypoints
Tiny veruda
Sugar in the end – one of Croatian National parks – Brijuni. A place of many histories, Brijuni own a part of their fame to being the private residence of the former Yugoslav president Tito. With archaeological sites, safari park and divine nature, they will definitely be the highlight of your trip. As you complete your journey and head back to Veruda, feel good – really good.

Waypoints: cove Portić ( Istria)Harbour Veruda (Istria)