About Kukumar

What is kukumar.com?

Kukumar connects vacationers with sail boat charters in Croatia. As an added bonus, we propose Adriatic sailing routes developed by our own, highly experienced skipper, all with an intent of providing you with both a great boat and an amazing experience on the sea. Easy to use booking process, no booking fees and real time availability make for a great start of an unforgettable vacation.

Where is Kukumar available?

We currently provide great sailing experiences in Croatia. 

'I have a question and want to speak to you'.

Please email us at customers@kukumar.com or call us at ______________ 

Booking a boat

How can I book a sail boat in Croatia?

The simplest way is the use the SEARCH engine on our Homepage. Enter your dates of interest and the preferred duration (in weeks) and press 'Find you perfect boat'. This will give you a general idea on the boats available in the request time frame. 
If you prefer a more specific search, then click on Detailed and submit search after filling in all the information requested. 

Can I message you before booking a boat?

Yes, of course!  Use the envelope icon underneath 'set sailing days' boxes to message up or leave a notification on Twitter and Facebook. We usually respond in a matter of hours, but our official policy is 24-hours. You know, if we're out sailing or something. 

What is the cost of chartering a sail boat comprised of?

Firstly, there is the charter fee. Prices vary depending on the time of the season (high, low, medium) and boat type. VAT is included in the price. Catamarans are usually higher priced than monohulls.
There are two more obligatory costs related to chartering a sailboat. The first one is often referred to by different names: end cleaning, transit log or charter pack – but regardless of the name you use, it includes various costs related to your journey: natural gas, water, reception, small onboard repairs & end cleaning. 
The second cost is the tourist tax, obligatory for all visitors by the Croatian law.
Last but not least, marinas and gas, variable costs which depend on your itinerary and sailing style, represent a significant portion of the total cost of chartering a boat. 
Finally, optional costs can include any of the following: skipper, food provisioning, outboard motor, towels, cook, hostess, extra sail.

What to pack when sailing in Croatia?

One thing you must bring are your documents (ID, passport, skipper license if you are the skipper). As Croatia has a well-developed tourism infrastructure, most of the other things you can buy here in case you forget them, but as you embark on the boat, your suitcase should contain the following: sunblock, shades, hats, lighter clothing, sweatpants,  comfortable slip-proof footwear, bathing suits, trunks and smart-casual attire for dinning of the boat. If you sail during between April and June or end September to October, it's recommended to also bring a sailing suit or sailing jacket, plus some warmer clothing (for evenings or in case of colder weather). 

How do I know where the boat is located?

You can check for the boat's location on your Dashboard or on the Boat Listings page – the port of call is listed under the pictures on the right hand side. 

What about food during our sail? 

If you please, you can bring all the food and supplies to the boat yourself or we can take care of this for you. After you've completed the booking, we will send you a list of provisions, so you can choose what you would like delivered to the boat before your arrival. You will also find small supermarkets in the marinas or nearby, for any last minute supplies and all bigger Croatian islands feature shops, post offices, banks and other offices for anything you might need.

After I make a booking request, how much time does it take to get a confirmation from the charter company?

Charter companies have 24-hours to either accept or reject your booking. And we always provide an extra nudge!

What is the best sailing season in Croatia?

Shoulder season (April to June & end of September) is the best time in the Croatian Adriatic. The Sea is calm, sea and air temperature pleasantly warm and the crowds are smaller than in the peak of the season. 

Where can I see my booking details?

Logging in on our Homepage (in the top right corner) brings you to your Dashboard where you can see all the details of your Booking and the chartered vessel. 

What about marinas, marina parking and marina costs?

Croatian marina infrastructure is quite well devevloped, with around 50 along coastline. Most prominent ones are ACI marinas (21), as they are mostly located at top spots. The ports in Croatia usually provide water, electricity, showers, laundry, shops etc. Price depends on the size of boat and  period of the season.
Most of marinas have parking available at aproximate cost of 10€/per day. 

How can I be certain that I am chartering a boat in good condition?

We maintain close contact with all boat owners and have a rigorous boat acquisition process in order ensure high-quality. 

What if the number of passengers changes after completing the booking?

If this happen, please inform us immediately of the new number. If the total number of passangers does not exceeds maximum capacity of the boat, there is absolutely no problem. However, if the new number exceeds the registered boat capacity, it will be necessary to book a different boat.

Can we sail outside Croatia?

As the boats are registered only for chartering in Croatia, this is not possible.

Can charter prices change?

Once you have confirmed your booking, the price can no longer change. However, the prices stated on kukumar website are periodically revised by boat owners, who increase or decrease them depending on the boat’s availability and demand. 

Can I write a review about my holiday?

Not only that you can, we would kindly ask that you do so, as your comments and suggestions are our best tool to rating and improving our business, but even more importantly – your experiences!

What is a safety deposit?

The safety deposit covers repairs of minor damages that could happen on the boat during your holiday. When the boat is returned in an intact condition, the safety deposit is repaid to the Client in full. 

What does check-in look like?

At check in, we will review your documents and prepare confirmations for the security deposit and tourist tax.

The charter company’s representative will introduce you to the boat and all on-board equipment and operative procedures. Feel free to ask anything at this point, but you will also receive a cell phone which you can use for questions which arise along the way. 

What boat license do I need to sail in Croatia?

To charter a boat in Croatia, you will need an internationally recognized skipper license (ICC, VHF Radio License). If you do not have any of the aforementioned licenses, you will need to book a skipper. This is a option with all our boats, as even if you are experiences – you might wish to get some down-time during your journey! 


Can I pay through the website?

Yes, you can. All payments on our website are handled by PAYPAL service in order to ensure maximum payment security. 

How can I pay for my Croatian boat charter?

You can pay by bank transfer, or by credit card via Paypal service. You charter can be paid in one or two instalments.

What are the rule for paying in 2 instalments?

Paying in two installments comprises two equal instalments, each amounting to 50% of the full booking price. The first instalment should be paid immediately at booking and the second one instalment at least 30 days prior to check-in.

Do I get a booking confirmation and an invoice?

Yes, you will receive a booking confirmation with your reference number immediately after completing your booking. You will also receive an invoice for the trip, issued by the charter company after the payment is done.

Will I have to pay for any extras?

Each sailboat has a list of included services and obligatory extras (i.e. end cleaning etc.). If you are hiring a skipper, the booking price will be immediately updated to include this charge. Optional charges are shown at our website.

Fuel charges and marina fees are not included in the price.


What is the cancellation policy?

The cancellation policy explains the process of cancelling your booking, and the associated costs and/or refunds. You can find the cancellation policy in our GTC.