About us

Kukumar is committed to:
• Integrity in everything we do
• People, both ourselves and yourselves
• Working in a fair and honest way
• Providing superb service to both our guests and partners
• Open sails!

Founded in 2012, Kukumar is dedicated to bringing good sailors and good sailboats together, on an Adriatic adventure. We seek out, enlist and allow our Clients to book sailboats in any Croatian marina easily, whilst equipping them with unique sailing routes, often including many hidden jewels known only to experienced local skippers.

Kukumar is like a shore captain – when you sail with us, it's like having a friend onboard wherever you sail.

We draw incessant inspiration from the winds, the sea and the amazing Croatian nature and try to infuse all our services and communications with a bit of this passion. It is our greatest wish that you feel it to! 


Elvir Munjaković – CEO and Co-founder. Elvir is a fast-paced visionary and the heart of Kukumar. With an entrepreneurial spirit, Elvir caught the sailing bug long time ago. As a business school graduate with an extensive expertise in Business Development, he gathered the team and has been Kukumar's driving force ever since.

Josipa –  CSO - is our 1st officer. Sea and sailing are Jope's great love. Josipa is a member of one of the best female racing crews - BB crew and has been in the marine industry for over a decade. She sailed across the Mediterranean a few times, and partook in a two-month long adventure across the Pacific Ocean. Superb routes, secret Adriatic spots and sailing know-how are Josipa's forte and expertise.

Vesna – is our Copywriter and Community Manager. World traveler, hospitality pro, always smiling, Vesna brings fun into the room. Writes and edits the better part of content on our website.

Dean – CTO – is our synaptic system. Pioneer in software architecture and development in Tourism field, Dean connect the dots and turns our ideas into a working technological product. Lovingly called Master Coder, he codes everything all the time, makes our lives easier at a click of a button. 

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